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Explore spine health

(April 28, 2024)

This year, we are working on healthy joints. We have focused on the foot, shoulder, and hip joints from February through April.

For every joint, we began with myofascial release, a technique that helps to release tension and improve flexibility in the muscles and fascia surrounding the joint. We then worked on the connective tissues and muscles that support it. This was followed by asanas, which are specific yoga poses that help to strengthen and stretch the joints.

In May, we will delve into the crucial and often overlooked topic of spine health. The spine, often referred to as “the key to a healthy life,” is not just a part of our body, but a pillar of our overall well-being. Understanding and caring for our spine is essential for a healthy and active life.

As we step into a new month, we will commence with a myofascial release of the entire spine. Working on the myofascial system, known as the “sensory organ,” this technique is a powerful tool in our journey toward a healthier spine.

Once we have fully released the fascia, we will engage in asanas specifically designed to strengthen and improve the flexibility of our spine, offering a unique and beneficial sensory experience.

Let’s enjoy a different sensory experience!






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