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Approach Fascia -- Sensory Organ

(January 5, 2024)

Aloha, my yoga mates.

Happy New Year!

How did you start 2024? For those of you who are already so busy that the New Year's mood is gone, or for those of you who have been taking it easy during the holiday season and can’t seem to get into gear, why not start myofascial release for 2024 with “Yin Yang Yoga” today, January 5 (Fri.)?

Last year, we held several “myofascial workshops.” Those who attended may have gained some understanding of the general overview of this mysterious network that extends from the surface of the body to every cell in the deeper tissues and connects all of them.

This year, I would like to invite you to “feel” more sense about the function of fascia through yoga asanas and breathing exercises.

The more you learn about myofascia, the more you will discover its mysterious and magnificent mechanism in the body. Moreover, it is so sensitive to the thoughts and sensations of an individual that it is called a sensory organ.

While experiencing these characteristics, we may release and remodel the myofascia of the entire body and improve it. On the other hand, we will also continue deepening our mindfulness.

We hope that through pranayama (breath practice), every student may find their own entry point to meditation that best suits each one.

Your feedback also plays an essential role in improving our lessons. Please feel free to share your comments, questions, requests, or anything else you notice with Takae at any time.

We look forward to keeping practices with you this year!





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