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Every One's Body Has A History

(January 9, 2022)

© Paul Grilley 2021

Just as each person has their unique life history, a human body has its history, too. The present body has gone through various events that occurred in the past; a distortion by nature, an injury during a growing period, and lifestyle-related diseases, etc.

The deeper we face ourselves in practicing yoga, the more we are getting aware of such differences that we often forget about in our daily lives.

For example, suppose a person who has thought, “I am not good at forward-bend and open-leg pose because my body is too stiff,” enters a proper alignment step by step along with a movement of each joint. In that case, they will realize that the orientation of their arms and pelvis looks a little different from the figure in a yoga anatomy textbook.

You can think that the dislocation of your hip joint in early childhood may have affected, or it might have been caused during the previous job that required you to keep standing in high heels for hours. Eventually, you will be able to accept that this is your present body and explore how to rebalance your posture …

The first thing is to be aware of your own body.

I attach pictures of human bones with this e-mail that show how different people are. (Courtesy of Paul and Suzee Grilley: from )

The 2022 goal of Takae’s yoga lessons is to help each student find the proper yoga practice for their condition and lifestyle and extend their healthy life expectancy both physically and mentally by continuing such a peculiar practice.

If you have any personal requests or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Takae.

(Takae: e-mail: phone or text: 808.386.5358)





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