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Excellent Christmas Present -- The Electric Power is Installed into our Agroforestry!

(December 24, 2023)

After accumulated patience and concern since we started developing the agroforestry farm in 2020, the long-awaited electricity has finally been installed on our natural farm!

Please see the emotional moment on FaceBook and our website if you like.

We will be able to offer yoga and meditation classes surrounded by nature in 2024. I will let you know the details later, hopefully by the Spring Equinox event in March.

Now we have only one week left in this year.

I feel so grateful for you, my students, who have kept practicing with me over the past year. I have learned much from them in each lesson, which I believe enhances my teaching. Thank you all!


I want to improve my lessons further in the new year, and I would appreciate your continued support in the coming year.


The last week of 2023, Tuesday, December 26, will fall on a full moon called Cold Moon or Long Night Moon. Hawaii is in the middle of winter and rainy season, and the temperature drops at night. But I hope we can enjoy its beautiful glow in a crisp, clear sky on a cold night.


Now that the winter solstice has passed, daylight will gradually lengthen toward spring. Let’s end the year with our yoga practice of Moon Salutation and meditation together.

Then, let's welcome the new year with a stable body and peaceful mind and spirit.






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