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Get out of the "stiff" mindset

(October 9, 2022)

Aloha, my yoga mates. How are you?

People often say, “I am not suited for yoga because my body is too stiff.”

What do they mean by “stiff?”

Most people think the hands do not touch the feet when bending forward; it is difficult to turn the spine backward, and so on. And they think it means that the muscles and the connective tissues, such as tendons and ligaments around the backs of the legs and spine, are stiff.


However, it is said that humans have more than 600 skeletal muscles alone, or about 650, depending on how you count them, that are necessary for shaping and moving our bodies. The idea that each of these muscles does not function independently, but is all connected, has become mainstream in modern exercise physiology.


The representative player that connects more than 600 muscles is the fascia, which I have mentioned several times. Although many aspects of fascia are not fully understood even by modern science, it is known that most of its components are water, which dries up and becomes stiff when cells begin to deteriorate and are left untreated.


Yoga sends energy to the fascial tissues that cover the body, stimulating blood circulation and replenishing moisture. Hydrating the entire body restores flexibility to the whole fascia over time.


Yoga is more beneficial for stiff people. Instead of stretching only certain body parts, let’s practice yoga regularly. That way, you can get out of the “stiff” mindset and move the fascia throughout the body.





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