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Focus of Nov-Dec 2019: Dhyanam (meditation)

As we discussed before, the shortest mantra of yoga is


Classic quotes said this is the sound of the universe and consists of the three syllables:


Yoga Sutra of Patanjali called this “pranavah” which means a mystic sound or the beginning sound of all. Other scriptures explain the three syllables represent a status of a human or Nature--wakefulness, dream and deep sleep; creation, preservation and transformation--in one being; or the times--past, present and future, etc.

It is said there are four syllables, but the fourth one is called “without element.” In the fourth one in peace, we may feel the law of the nature. That is the moment to approach to the goal of yoga.

From this month through the end of the year, we will focus on

Dhyanam (meditation).

Let’s practice it repeatedly together with the asana practices.





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