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  • 執筆者の写真Takae

Harvest Kalo on Natural Farm in Hawaii

(October 9, 2022)

Aloha, my yoga mates!

Did you see the full moon tonight?

What a big and beautiful moon it was just above the horizon! I stopped the car and fell in love with it with a sigh while driving home. The full moon in October, called “Hunter’s Moon,” is the moon that represents the midst of harvest season—autumn, following the last month’s full moon, “Harvest Moon.”

Speaking of harvesting, our agroforestry farm, “Second Nature Farm,” held the “Autumn Taro (Kalo) Harvest Day” yesterday. Our friends and children who planted roots in the spring in a muddy taro patch (paddy field) in the forest dug up the crops from the mud this time.

After getting muddy and sweating, everyone ate a tasty lunch made from the crops of the earth grown with the traditional natural farming method, not plowing profusely, using no extra fertilizer and no pesticides. We also enjoyed a splitting watermelon game while bathed in the power of the Ko’olau Mountains. The fun time passed quickly, and when I looked up at the horizon, I saw a big orange moon last night. It was a day when I again deeply appreciated that we could live in harmony with nature.

I’m not very familiar with SNS (Social Networking Service), but I wanted to share the joyful experience of the harvesting time with you. So, I uploaded the pictures to my FaceBook for the first time in a long time. If you like, please become a friend of mine and take a peek at that. (➡


As this week is the week of the full moon, we will practice the Moon Salutation as usual. Also, I will focus more on the shoulder girdle, deepening the asana we have been learning since the last month.





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