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July 2018: Shoulder Girdle & Upper Arms

Aloha my Yoga mates!

Our new focus from July is

Shoulder Girdle & Upper Arms,

which covers clavilculae (or collarbone), scapula (or shoulder blade), and humerus (or upper-arm bone).

You may have an experience of getting stiff neck and shoulder after watching a smart phone, driving a car, or working at your desk in the same posture for hours. You may have them sore if you keep doing it, or you can even hardly raise your hand before you know it. It proves each part in the shoulder girdle and upper arms is all connected closely.

We will work on this area of shoulder girdle and arms as “unit.”

First of all, let me share the following movie to see how bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves, blood vessels and bursae consisting of this area are connected:

Many people succeeded in removing chronic stiffness from the neck and shoulders by yoga practices. At the same time, not a few people have had injury from wrong practices around shoulder joints which have large mobility.

Knowing kinesiological functions, listening to our own body, let’s keep practicing safely. That way not only strengthens and flexes our body but also works for any soreness and pains.





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