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Organic Fresh Eggs Came Back Home!


(February 13, 2022)

Right after Setsubun (a Japanese event to celebrate the beginning of spring in the lunar calendar), the free-range chickens at our natural farm began to lay eggs again.

Toward ending of the year, as the sunshine time becomes shorter and shorter, they stop laying eggs.

While it passes Risshun (the first day of spring), most of the hens’ comb molting, and finally, fresh, organic raw-egg rice returns to our table (!). This cycle is an annual event in our home.

Living in harmony with nature is also an essential basis of the yoga philosophy. Some people say it is difficult to feel the four seasons in Hawaii.

But if you sharpen your five senses and try to connect with the surrounding nature, you can feel the arrival of spring, summer, rainy season, winter, etc. in various opportunities.

We will go into a new month from this week.

In March, we will focus on the knees. Let’s see how each part from the feet up to the knees reacts when we pay our attention to the foot in various poses.





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