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Standing on the Four Corners of the Feet

(February 13, 2022)

It has become the perfect season for walking in Hawaii with pleasant sunshine and a gentle breeze. Speaking of walking, I heard instructions to stretch the legs and land from the heel.

However, stretching out a leg and plumping the heel on the ground is not good. The impact will transmit to other joints such as the knees and hips.

It can damage your skeleton. It would help if you shift the gravity naturally from the heel to the toe of the second foot and then push the base of the big toe when the sole is leaving from the ground.

The proper way of walking is to place the entire sole on the earth from the heel without locking the knee and move forward smoothly.

However, even when putting the entire sole on the ground, if there is a habit that the center of gravity weighs inward or outward, it may cause damage to the heels, calves, knees, hips, etc.

When walking as well as holding yoga asana, a familiar instruction repeated for my students:

“The Four Corners of the Feet”

is very important.

In our yoga sessions, I will show you the relationship between the four corners of the soles and the arches through the practice of standing poses and the problems when the balance is lost.





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