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The gait and healthy life-span

(February 4, 2024)

Now that the “Setsubun” (the close of winter) has passed, the daylight hours will gradually increase.

Exciting news from our natural farm! Our hens, who took a break from laying eggs during the cold rainy season, have started venturing outdoors again. This is a sure sign that they will soon be back to laying their delicious eggs daily. Get ready for a fresh supply of farm-fresh eggs!

As the days get longer, it's the perfect time for us in Hawaii to embrace the beauty of early morning walks. Not only do they offer a serene start to the day, but they also provide a great opportunity to connect with nature and boost our overall well-being.

This month, our yoga class will focus on “gait,” or how to walk. However, this is not just a stylish walking class for wannabe fashion models.

Let's embark on a journey together to understand the functional aspects of gait in our yoga class this month. We'll delve into how to transmit the vibrations of the soles of the feet to the myofascial throughout the body, how to maintain stability, and even explore the intriguing relationship between walking speed and healthy life span. This is not just a class; it's a practical guide to enhancing your daily movements and overall well-being!





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