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To Enhance Meditation Practices

If we cannot restrain (Nirodha) the modifications of the mind, we will fail to discriminate our “self” from Citta Vrtti (the minds which are moving or changing). This situation will put you into confusion or emotional up-and-down, ending up with making you feel suffering or depressed.

Sage Patanjali also taught in the Yoga Sutras that these mental modifications can be restrained by continuous effort of

Abyasa (practice)


Vairagya (non-attachment) .

That is the way of practice in dhyana (yoga meditation).

To enhance the meditation practice, we will continually practice asana (yoga poses) and pranayama (yoga breathing) over time in Hatha yoga.

The goal of yoga, controlling the mental modifications, can’t possibly be achieved overnight. With patient, earnest and continuous effort, practicing one step at a time will be the right way toward the goal. – It sounds like the true royal road toward success of work and life, doesn’t it?




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