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Focus: Shoulders -- Their Structure and Functions (1)


It’s already October, in the fourth quarter of 2020. We may not have such big ding-dong events as usual year-end. But still, it will bring us certain exciting moments. Since we are getting into the end of the year under the pandemic, we should be more mindful to “be present.”

We will focus on the upper trunk this month, beginning with


Here is a You Tube video which explains the basic of shoulders functions.

“When you realize all different ways and positions you use your hands every day, it is easy to understand how hard daily life could be if the shoulder isn’t working well.”

--- If you experienced shoulder pain in your forties or fifties, you could understand this very well, can’t you?

Not only while practicing yoga asana, but also when you want to take something from a shelf over your head, or when you lift up heavy stuff, try to focus on the target as well as your core where your hands and arms are connected. In other words, “be present” here, too.





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